Carrollton heat pump experts wants you to know that in warm climates like Texas, you’ll want to generate cool air more often than hot air for heating you home. Carrollton TX residential and commercial property owners should choose a heat pump with a high SEER rating. If you have friends or families in cooler climates, they should make sure they choose a heat pump that has a high HSPF.

Carrollton Heat Pumps Cost: Pay Now or Pay More Later

Highly efficient heat pumps will cost Carrollton homeowners and commercial clients more than less efficient units. The question should be how many months it will take to pay off increased up front equipment cost by saving every month on energy bill costs. Will you be moving in less than five years? If so, you should consider installing a lower efficiency heat pump. The reasoning behind this is you are unlikely to recoup the extra cost of higher efficient equipment. To some homeowners, going green to reduce your house’s impact on the environment is the most important factor to consider.

How to Compare Heat Pumps to Furnaces

SPF is a rating that can be used for comparing heat pumps with more conventional ways to heat your home. it takes into consideration primary energy saving and reduced CO2 emissions. For evaluating electric heat pumps the power generation mix and the efficiencies of the power stations must be considered.

Carrollton Heat Pump Capacity

Carrollton heat pumps must be sized correctly before it can work efficiently. This type of HVAC equipment is sized for the cooling demand or for the heating demand. In the Carrollton – Dallas – Ft Worth area the cooling equipment is most often the largest of the two. There are a good number of cold nights here so if the heat pump is installed in an area that has long periods of freezing temperatures, they won’t run as efficiently as they were meant to work. The payback period will take longer as well. On really cold days and nights a natural gas furnace provides back up heating. This is called a dual fuel system.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps installed in Carrollton TX work like the air conditioners your Dallas neighbors rely on during the warm summer months. In fact, the outside unit looks just like a conventional air conditioner. When fall and winter weather hits the DFW area, your heat pump provides heating for your home or office. A dual fuel system is often recommended by Carrollton air conditioning where a heat pump is used in conjunction with a central furnace system. A higher efficiency pump which we will suggest you consider, will save you more money over less efficient heat pumps over the life of the equipment.

Finally, Carrollton Texas residential and commercial heating and air clients have enjoyed lower prices for natural gas than electricity. However, as petroleum costs have gone up, and will stay up due to our unwillingness to drill for more supplies. Because of this, heat pumps will remain a cost effective alternative for years to come.

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